Act of Defloration

The Hymen – This is the mysterious body part that is lost by girls when they have sexual intercourse for the first time

My first time sex

March 26th, 2008

A widower hires nineteen year-old Stephanie to baby-sit his daughter while he plays squash. Her uncanny resemblance to his late wife finds her entangled in a strange but passionate encounter with another kind of virginity.
I was shopping with my younger sister Samantha and her friend Tania when I saw him in the busy mall. He was cute in a kind of ‘Ben Harper’ way with dreadlocks pulled back off his face, tall and blond a strong but gently angular face, piercing blue eyes and strong athletic physique perhaps in his late twenties.
‘Check out the Ben Harper look alike over there sis.’



Parents went out of town

January 24th, 2008

Virgin GirlsMe n this guy had been talkin about gettin together but never had. we really wanted to be with each other but never saw the opportunity to until one night when my parents went out of town. My parents were gone on there anniveresery and would be gone for two nights… i had a little sister so my parents made my grandma come and stay with us. Once they went to bed around like 10, i called him to come over. he got his brother to drop him off n i told him i was in tha pool and to come on around back. when he came around back he sat down by tha pool n we talked for a lil bit, then i told him to get him so he took of his shirt n pants n jumped in, in his boxers. Full Virgin Story >>>

Finished my first year of college

November 5th, 2007

I was young, or way to old… depending on which way you look at it, to have sex with him. Lets call him Steve. I was a virgin and had just finished my first year of college. Steve and I had gone to high school together and he was sort of a “player.” I hate to call him that tho because he wasn’t a great catch or anything, he just knew how to talk to girls to get their pants off. But they were all too smart to fall for him the way I did. I was relatively un-attractive in high school. Or at least i felt unattractive. Which is weird because today I think I am beautiful, and I doubt that i looked that different four years ago. But steve paid attention to me. Lots of it. Just not when we were in public. We would IM each other for hours on end virtually every night for roughly two years. He made me feel sexy. But I never slept with him. He wanted to, and he tried to get me to give it up to him every chance he could. He would say things like “you should just have sex with me because I care about you. You will lose your virginity at some party and then you will wish that you gave it to me.” Eventually that sort of reasoning started to make sense to me. We kept in touch through my entire freshman year at college, and I was still a virgin.

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wow – virgin story

October 12th, 2007

I’ll never forget the first time I saw her. She was the most beutiful thing on earth. I will remember the 36c breasts, and her perfecct figure forever. She came to my house one day, and as far as I know, we were both virgins. I remember watching a movie, and my parents were themselves. I found myself looking at her and she was returning the stare. I was horny, but I tried not to show it. Then I couldn’t take it, and I started to slowly move my head toward her, and my lips met hers. There was something magical that passed between us, and it was the most profound experience of my life, and remains in my memory forever. Then we were kissing more, and more passionatly and making out. I noticed to my horror that my hands were pretty much doing whatever they wanted, and were moving toward the base of her shirt.

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The First Time

August 18th, 2007

This is a true story about my first sexual experience. I was 7 years old when I first met Melissa. We had just moved house and I didn’t know anybody, but soon got to know her, as she was my next-door neighbour. By the age of 14 I had started to notice girls a lot more, and none more than Mel. By 17 she was absolutely knock out beautiful. Her petite breasts accompanied her slender and elegant figure nicely. Her tight arse would give any man a hard on as she walked past. She had long black hair, a beautiful face and was around 5 foot 9 inches tall.

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Virgins story

August 13th, 2007

There’s a message on my answering machine and I know it’s from her.
I don’t know what it was that made me decide to invite her to come with me. I only knew her through the office and we chatted often enough, maybe once a week, but it was always small talk. We weren’t really friends.

The company had organised a reward weekend for its top sales agents and I had originally intended on going alone, having just recently split up with my boyfriend, I thought that it might be the best idea. This year, however, the conference was going to be on a cruise ship, for three days to the Bahamas. Since I had surpassed my sales goals by 50%, I was able to bring someone along with me, and at the last minute, I called her. I guess it was because she had once suggested that we might vacation together that I even thought of her at all. Anyway, she was so excited by the idea of going away that I began to look forward to leaving as well.

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Virgin Mary no more

February 15th, 2007

For two years, I’ve been noticing my beautiful daughter Mary begin to develop into a very, shall Isay, healthy girl. I’m sure some of the boys inher school have classified her as “a beautiful piece of ass she’d be to make.” And of course, thethought has also crossed my mind many times thesepast two years.

Today, at age 16, she has the most perfect figure I’ve ever seen. Her ripe tits don’t sag, theystand straight out, erect like my hard-on doesevery time I think of her or catch a glimpsethrough her loose pjs. I’ve often thought howgreat it would be fucking this beautiful child ofmine, because I love her so much.

Many times, I cautiously tried to make suggestionsto her, but she’s either too naive to understand mysubtle remarks, or she doesn’t want any part of it.Being put off for the past two years has onlyfrustrated me even more, until I finally hit upon the solution to make her come around to my way of

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Stealing Brother’s Wife

January 25th, 2007

When we reached our house mother was already there cutting the fish for
dinner. She gave us a knowing smile and said, “Thank god, now your
inhibitions are over, I want a grand child soon. I have been waiting for
that from the first day my elder son married Gita, now one year has been
spent, God played his role, now you are husband and wife, and it’s the duty
of a husband and wife to enjoy all good and bad in life, fortunes and
misfortunes, produce inheritors, make us happy. We want to cuddle our grand
babies before it’s too long”.

I walked as if nothing has been heard. Gita was hanging the wet clothes one
by one. She was giving a mischievous smile. My sisters had gone to their
in-law’s houses respectively. So it was going to be our official first
night. We both had forgotten the rainy night as if a fantasy, too good to
be true. When the dinner was served and eaten, I retired to my room, I had
arranged some jasmine flowers and showered them on the bed, as if an
indication of my first night. I was repeating the scene I had seen in a lot
of Tamil movies. Do Keralites practice this custom, I never know.

After half an hour Gita entered the room with a glass of milk. She gave it
to me and waiting for my response blushingly. I sipped half of it and
returned the rest to her which she drank as if it was a sacred prasadam(
God’s offering). “Come and sit here”, I said. She obeyed. I was thrilled
at the role reversal happened. Before a few days she was the boss and I was
a boy walking behind her worshiping, adoring her like an angel but with
desire. I never dreamt that she would be mine one day, and it had just
happened. Now she had metamorphosed to an obedient Indian wife who is ready
to serve her husband in whatever way he likes.

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My first man

January 6th, 2007

This story was sent by one of our blog’s visitors, she says that this all is a simple truth.

It all happened in spring the year before last, when I was 15, (but I looked 17-19) years old and I already thought that I would never be able not only to lose virginity but also to get acquainted with anybody. I even did not kiss with anybody, but knew everything about sex. Mom constantly upbraided me for not communicating with anybody and for not dating with anybody. I already thought that I would never meet my man, yes! Not a boy but a MAN. Well, on one fine day my girlfriend and I went to a restaurant. There I met with a man; he didn’t take his eyes away from me. We went to bowling but did not play though he offered, I drank much. I remember appearing in a bedroom with a large aquarium and a wide bed. He unbuttoned my blouse, then my skirt. I had only my bra and panties, in which my virgin pussy hid, on. He started taking my bra off. With his free hand he caressed my virgin breast, stomach, and then made his way down: At last, he took my panties off and his finger came across a barrier in my vagina – my hymen. I decided to warn him that I a virgin and stopped him, by telling him to wait as I needed to say something. Right now, he asked? Well? I’m a virgin – said I, he looked at me, smiled and asked – is that truth; am I your first one? I said YES, then he said – don’t be afraid, baby, it will not hurt, and I will do everything the best way, so do not worry. He took his pants off, and I saw his dick, it was such a huge naked and big one, that I nearly fainted. My virgin vagina became wetter. For the first time in my life, I saw a dick so closely. I felt his fingers caressing my most intimate places. At last, he asked, if I was ready. I nodded, not looking at him. I did not dare to look at all how all this was happening. I felt his dick slowly penetrating my virgin vagina.
Suddenly I was stabbed with strong pain. I shouted, my hymen tore, letting his big dick inside my pussy. He entered me deeper and deeper. His movements became more and more aggressive. He reached an orgasm. I felt his sperm pushing inside me, my vagina which 10 minutes ago was virgin was all smeared by his sperm. He pulled out his dick, covered in my blood, and told me, that I was the best girl he ever had.


Defloration story

October 21st, 2006

Contributed from our member…..

I remember smiling when he was deep inside me, and I expected the pain to face (brief flash of heat and her barrier rent or so the novels all say, right?) but when he slid out and back in, it still hurt. I knew it felt good for him, though, so I smiled at him through the pain, and pushed my hips against him. He thrust against me, and the pain began to mix with pleasure. I started to moan, and the sound seemed to drive him closer to the edge, so I just let go, moaning and calling his name, shoving against him when he slid inside me. Soon, he cried out my name and sagged against me. We fell asleep like that, still joined, with my blood drying on our skin.

The next morning, my (ex) boyfriend came over to see his best friend and I was still in the bed… I ran into the shower before he could see me. I remember washing my pussy, and feeling the soreness, inserting a finger and feeling the difference inside me. I was able to sneak off without him knowing, and I walked around for the rest of the day just a little sore, knowing that I would never be the same.

The first time is such an amazing experience for a woman…. I wish I could repeat it – that feeling of stretching and pain, the reality of sex, the first time. Enjoy the site, folks – I have. It’s a precious moment.

To the sitemaster – try for more of the man/woman combos – it’s much more emotionally involving and far sexier! I think you might be suprised with the number of female subscribers (like me) you have!

Thank you!

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