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who waited for their first time in a relationship. im wondering if i shoud make the guy wait or just jump to it. does that matter?


  1. he’ll respect you more if you wait a little bit… jumping right into sex your first time can get you a bad reputation. and he might even think you just wanted the relationship for sex. but it also depends how long you were with him. also, i don’t know him or you, and your personalities, so this isn’t completely accurate.

  2. Definitely wait. Not only will it make it more fun, it’ll make it more special.

  3. i waited over a year just to make sure it was worth losing my virginity to him. still with him and i don’t regret it at all. but i know if i did it earlier than i would’ve regretted it.

  4. Luckily you avoided the mistake. Alot of people, such as myself, make the mistake of jumping into it too quick.

    I lost my virginity to this girl I had only been with for a week. We broke up a few weeks later 😐

  5. I lost my virginity with my boyfriend after two months of dating. I always thought it made me look easy and stuff, but i am really not. He was the first guy that ever touched me any place, the first one to caress my body. and i dont regret it cuz i would always get dumped when i said no to guys who wanted to touch me and stuff, but he never rushed me, and it made me want him to touch me because i knew he would respect me, and p until now he does…even if we had sex already

  6. I waited with my guy for 8 months. I wanted to after 1 month, but it didnt happen, and then we had alot of complications and just didnt till 8 months later. I am really glad because I would have regretted it so much

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