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Girls and their hymens

Virgin Kinga Kinga is 18 years old. On our first meeting I took pictures of her in sexy poses, then some nude photos. Her lips swelled and parted slightly and she moaned as I touched her clitoris and then down to the entrance of her vagina, pressing in until I felt the hymen.
dicky virhin Dicky just turned 18!! He asked me do much more than just pose. He spread my legs apart and inserted a dildo. He broke my cherry! Even though the hymen bled, he did not stop. He continued to move the dildo in and out, until I had an orgasm.
Dicky hymen


andrea nubile Andrea is not a professional model. She is a very young, but very sexy virgin. Her hymen  yielded slowly to the pressure of her finger and finally broke off, coloring swollen over-aroused vagina  and the bed with purple blood. We videotaped and photographed  all this for you!
andrea hymen
virgin daisy She came to casting wearing a short dress and was looking extremely sexy. We agreed to a trial shooting and guys were just staring at her on our way to the studio. She kept her panties on during the fist shooting session, as she said she wanted to get it started posing seminude.
daisy hymen


virgin nikita Our latest model was difficult to work with, but very interesting for me. Despite her innocence, she is very sensual.A Nikita is a pure virgin, having no sexual experience of any kind. I verified this before I started working with hymen