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Karina is a beautiful petite 18 year old student. She came into my office wearing a short skirt,  showing off her sexy trim legs. When she sat down she allowed me to see her white panties. My  eyes were glued to the sight of those panties and I wanted to pull them off and eat her out. After all, she came here to lose her virginity! Unfortunately for me, she came here with her boyfriend and wanted him to do it while I had the camera running. No dildo this time. Of course I agreed.  Her boyfriend was a timid virgin. She giggled and protested when he removed her panties for the  first time. Because of his being excited and his inexperience, he was not gentle with her. She had  told me that she had been playing with herself since she was 16, using only one finger inside.
Finally we were ready and she opened her pussy lips for her boyfriend and the camera. Because her  hymen was somewhat elastic from her fingering, when her boyfriend hurriedly tried to insert 2 fingers  into her, her hymen stretched, but did not break. She moaned. He tried harder and she cried out,  then a faint “click” and she cried out again as the blood flowed on her fingers. He broke her cherry. “Hey guys, when you first made love, wasn’t there music playing?” Turn up the volume on this video, and you will hear something very few guys have ever heard, the sound of a cherry being popped.

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