Act of Defloration

The Hymen – This is the mysterious body part that is lost by girls when they have sexual intercourse for the first time

Vica Vasiljeva – virgin nubile

December 28th, 2007

Vica Vasiljeva is a precious virgin puss with the body of a supermodel – and the mind of a typical nubile girl craving to explore the delights of sex but still a little too shy to do it! She’s got a beautiful face, dark complexion, long hair – and a truly perfect set of little titties with yummy perky nipples. However, the sweetest secret corner of her irresistible body is locked in between her slim shapely hips… Yes, yes, yes, right you are – it’s her carefully shaven pink flower! Her shyness is so charming… However, this little virgin is naughty enough to expose her stunning body on cam and, which is even more, play a little finger game with her cherry pussy! Her hymen is still intact – and she doesn’t seem to be in too much hurry to get it destroyed. Still, that doesn’t stop her from enjoying the simple pleasure of solo sex – she gets settled in front of the cam, spreads her gorgeous long legs and gets down to rubbing the little juicy hump located in between her wet pussy lips… Yum!

Vica Vasiljeva virgin nubile nubile


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6 Responses to “Vica Vasiljeva – virgin nubile”

  1. Anti-Depresant Says:

    Cool nubile girl

  2. Depression Says:

    her titties are damn near perfect.

  3. Nicolas Says:

    Skinny beautiful girl with some amazing attributes, love that rear shot!

  4. Husband Says:

    heres some good pussy shots and a asshole shot too

  5. Lovely Says:

    Vica Vasiljeva is a precious virgin puss with the body of a supermodel

    Virgin Vica Vasiljeva

  6. Snot Says:

    well heres some more smaller vids I have, some with nudity, some without

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